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Welcome to AMA Polish Campus!

The AMA Polish campus offers various academic and training programs in partnership and cooperation with Polish and European Universitas; and also, in associations with various Polish and European hospitals, healthcare organizations and research & training organizations, for the mutual interests of all parties. Combined as a group, with over 400 years of rich academic and training experience.

Bachelor Degree (180 ECTS credits) in Nursing

Successful candidates will receive a Junior Degree Diploma. Those graduates are then eligible to take the National Council Licensing Examination for Registered Nurses exam (NCLEX, USA nursing license exam).

MBA (Master of Business Administration 60 ECTS credits)

Earn a World Class MBA

With our affordable Polish University’s MBA program and with the global residency, control your future by tailoring your MBA degree to meet your professional goals.

MD (Doctor of Medicine – 6 years)

Your MD education will be acquired with Ukrainian ZSMPhU University and AMA Partner Polish University - a highly rated and prestigious Diploma is already in your hands.

24 months medical training & Polish Medical license training program for Jr. doctors

After NIL and Nostrification exams, candidates would receive a limited license to practice and can start a 13-month clinical training. Further, after or during, or even before completing the 13-month training, a candidate must take a final exam LEK to get a PWZ -license to practice without specialization.

Professional Skills Training In Nursing & Medicine & more

Master’s Degree in Nursing (120 ECTS credits)

With our affordable Polish University’s Master`s Degree in Nursing program you will get a unique opportunities and values.

Bachelor's Degree In Business/Public Administration

A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a bachelor's degree that helps you establish a fundamental understanding of business and how various aspects of it apply to the real world

Pre-Medical (one year program)

Petroleum Engineering (six- and nine-months Oil & Gas industry training)

Earn your high-value and cost-effective advanced training course with AMA's Partner Universitн in Poland/Georgia

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