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Performance optimization

Curriculum tailored to the needs of international students

AMA-ZSMU medical campus, our medical faculty make sure that the programs and the teaching methods are in line not only with Polish and European standards, but also other international requirements, in order to facilitate our graduates' licensing procedures and improve employment opportunities back in their home countries, be it the USA, Canada, EU, U.K, India, Australia, etc.

Performance optimization

Hands-on approach, contact with patients and intensive clinical immersion

At AMA-ZSMU medical campus, our medical facilities and medical trainers provide the most effective learning experience on the basis of a real hands-on experience. For this reason, at AMA-ZSMU medical campus we implement cadaver labs, clinical rotations with patients, practice with standardized patients and medical simulation from the earliest possible stages of the training.

Performance optimization

Top level medical simulation

AMA-ZSMU medical campus has a special area dedicated to medical simulation and standardized patients, as well as broad expertise in the field. Ultimately simulation and the use of medical simulations work to close the gap between the direct practice on a clinical patient and the theory involved in perfecting the skills necessary to best address the need of the patient. AMA-ZSMU is aiming to be one of the leaders in medical simulation education in the region. AMA-ZSMU medical campus’s State-of-the-art equipment and qualified staff make this part of the training fun, challenging and very useful for all participating students.

Performance optimization

Student self-practice rooms with professional equipment

* At AMA-ZSMU Medical campus, students have multiple clinical skills practice rooms, designed and equipped to simulate a real-life family medicine doctor's office, available for student self-practice and preparation for OSCE-type exams (Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCE) are very helpful in medical education because they allow a student to practice and demonstrate clinical skills in a standardized medical scenario.)
* The AMA-ZSMU Medical campus has a well-equipped ultrasound laboratory available for workshops and student self-practice. Voluntary initiative with cooperation with local and international healthcare partners.


Performance optimization

Voluntary clinical and research opportunities

At AMA-ZSMU Medical Campus students looking for additional professional experience have the opportunity to assist clinical staff in their daily hospital duties, including medical procedures and surgeries, in cooperation with various regional partner hospitals. Active students can also volunteer to take part in the ZSMU’s extensive research activity in Poland and in other European countries. Getting involved in research projects and publishing papers is now easier with the assistance of other networks of partner medical universities world-wide. Further, numerous medical outreach initiatives through AMA-ZSMU Medical Campus global network of partners are open to ZSMU’s student volunteers.

Performance optimization

Objective Structured Practical Examination (OSPE) and mock licensing exams

OSPE, and mock licensing exams are offered by ZSMU at the AMA-ZSMU Medical Campus (OSPE assesses practical skills, knowledge and/or interpretation of data in non-clinical settings).  
The objective structured clinical examinations are widely used in health sciences to practically assess skills and competencies in a realistic clinical setting. The OSCEs are very helpful in medical education because they allow a student to practice and demonstrate clinical skills in a standardized medical scenario. Students have the opportunity to demonstrate competency in communication, history taking, physical examination, clinical reasoning, medical knowledge, and integration of these skills. It is meant to be a fair and accurate way to assess competence, as well as identify areas that need more work and practice.

Performance optimization

AMA-ZSMU Medical Campus OSCE stations include

  • Clinical interactions (in-person or virtual) with standardized patients: counseling, examination, history taking
  • Examination of mannequins and interpretation of findings
  • Computerized cases
  • Test Interpretation
  • Order writing

As often the OSCE would be part of the licensing examination process of various national medical boards. We make sure AMA-ZSMU Medical Campus students are well prepared for these evaluations by practicing in clinical skills simulation rooms with actor patients, offering mock OSCE exams and a number of student-administered free practice rooms that are adequately equipped.

Performance optimization

Sizeable, diverse and active international community

AZMU medical campus has been training over 2,000 international students from over 40 countries (pre-war situation in Ukraine), in Ukraine. Therefore at the AMA-ZSMU medical campus also created a support environment for the international student organizations including national and interest groups, Research Association, Residential Advisors, plus numerous smaller clubs, to establish & to run for the benefits for the local and international student communities.

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