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Additional benefits for attending AMA-ZSMU Medical Campus


AMA-ZSMU Medical Campus students in Poland all have opportunity to participate two to four weeks of study tour program with one of the faculty members to visit some of the teaching hospitals (approved hospitals by the AMA-ZSMU faculty members) in any of the three countries, listed below: Germany, Croatia, Ireland, Netherlands, Italy, France, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia.

Note: All AMA-ZSMU Polish Medical Campus students have the opportunity to visit three of the 13 countries listed above (each candidate can participate total three times during the six years study period), with no additional tuition/training fee. The teaching hospital and country selection will depend upon the availability of the teaching hospital at the time & convenience of the faculty member, etc. Also, AMA-ZSMU Medical Campus students in Poland do NOT require any special visa to travel to any one of these countries (these are EU countries), for going with the faculty member for the study tour program. All AMA-ZSMU medical students will have the opportunity to visit at least three countries from the list during the 2nd year to 6th year program. [Participating students are required to take care of the travel, lodging and food expenses during the study tour program, for any of these countries].

Possible to travel to: the USA, the UK, Canada.

Note: For traveling to these three countries (the USA, Canada, and the UK), participating candidates require a visa, and particularly for the USA & Canada, candidates have to go through the US/Canadian visiting visa process and also will have some additional expenses, besides the travel, lodging, and food expenses, for attending the study tour program with the faculty member/s. Benefits of Attending the study tour program with AMA-ZSMU faculty Member/s: The study tour will allow the candidates to gain the experience and knowledge about the visiting country’s healthcare system and medical treatment methods and patient evaluation, etc. [Participants will visit teaching hospitals, clinics, attend seminars, and get exposure to the advanced & latest research methods, etc. Also, candidates get the opportunity to go sightseeing and visiting historical, cultural, and touristic attractive locations on the side during the free time and would make the cross-country study trip educational, professionally valuable, memorable & fun experience).

Some of the significant benefits of attending AMA-ZSMU Medical Campus Study Tour program with the faculty member in the USA/Canada and or Western Europe

1. The study tour will allow the candidates to gain experience and knowledge about the Western European/US healthcare system, medical treatment methods, patient evaluation, etc. [Participants visit US/Western European medical universities & science departments of major state universities, teaching hospitals, and clinics, attend seminars and get exposure to the advanced & latest research methods, etc. Moreover, candidates have free time to go sightseeing and visit historical, cultural, and touristic attractions. It makes the US/Western European trip a valuable, memorable & fun experience.]

2. Live, study and acquire medical training in the USA/Canada/UK or other participating Western European countries.

3. Interactions with US/Canadian/Western European clinicians and US and European medical faculty experts.

4. Direct exposure to US/Canadian and Western European patients and treatment approaches.

5. Interactions with the US/Western European medical students to learn & understand US/Western European study methods and patient care approaches; perspectives to develop a global professional network with the USA and Western European medical students & medical faculties.

6. Candidates can get opportunities to prepare for the future/further advanced medical training in Western Europe and for taking the USMLE exams (preparing for the US medical licensing exams).

7. Candidates can earn college/university credit through candidate's institution & faculty member approval.

8. Getting a range of new professional opportunities in the candidate's home country and internationally due to the US & Western European medical training and clinical observation exposures.

9. Candidates have a substantial benefit in medical education due to the US and the Western European experience of the study tour medical training program.

10. The study tour program is designed to have a profound experience and life-changing positive impact on the participant's life.

11. The study tour program helps participants develop valuable job skills in medicine and others, including English language proficiency, cultural understanding, tolerance for ambiguity, and self-confidence.

12. Candidates develop high-demand professional/medical skills, like adaptability, communication, self-awareness, and confidence. These skills make the candidate more hirable internationally.

13. As a participant, your first-hand experience of the US and the Western European medical education system will be helpful for the rest of your life.

This study tour will develop a more global mindset, allowing you to interact effectively in your future personal and professional life. 

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