Frequently Ask Questions

  • Does ZSMU accept transfer students from other Universities at the AMA-ZSMU campus? What are the requirements?

    Possible, and certain conditions would apply; contact AMA-ZSMU medical campus academic department.

  • What are the approximate costs of living in Poland?

    More information you can find here:

  • What is a MD Program Tuition Fee?

    US$10,950 per year

  • Do students from countries that are members of the EU have to apply for the temporary stay card? Why?

    Yes. All students have to legalize their stay in Poland with respect to the Act of 14th July 2006 on the entry into, residence in and exit from the Republic of Poland of nationals of the European Union Member States and their family members (Journal of Laws no 144, item 1043 as amended). Every student that is supposed to stay in Poland for more than 90 days has to apply for the temporary stay card. 

  • How many classes can I miss?

    The allowed number of missed classes is specified in the regulations of each course.

  • How long does it take to become a physician in Poland through AMA-ZSMU Medical Campus?

    It takes 6 - years to complete the ZSMU’s MD degree in Poland.

    [The ZSMU’s 6-year MD program in Poland, which runs from October to June, is specially designed for secondary school graduates. The first 6 semesters of pre-clinical education cover the basics of biology, medical chemistry, anatomy, biophysics, histology, and cell biology, to name a few.

    The last 3 years are devoted to clinical education, with emphasis on the fields of internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics & gynecology, pediatrics, and family medicine, among many others.]

  • What are the requirements for studying at AMA-ZSMU Polish Medical Campus?

    The basic requirement is a high school diploma/12th-grade completion, compared to other countries, AMA-ZSMU Polish medical Campus favors their competency tests over medical University admission tests.]

  • What kind of accommodation does the AMA-ZSMU Medical Campus offer and how much is it?

    AMA-ZSMU medical campus offers separate dormitories designated for ladies and gents as per the international and Polish students' ongoing need.  
    The cost of living in our dormitory ranges from: 150 USD to 200 USD/month for a single room and 90 USD to 148 USD/month for a double room (approximate on the basis of the exchange rates).

  • How many courses will I have to study each year?

    Detailed curriculum and plan of studies for each year for both faculties can be found on our website:

  • In order to obtain my Polish visa I need proof of residence for my stay. I know decisions for place of residence won’t be made until I arrive but is there any document I could obtain that would prove that I have a place in one of the residences.

    The AMA-ZSMU campus guarantees places in its dormitories to all incoming students who decide to stay in a dormitory.

  • I am having a problem with a faculty member/teaching assistant. Where do I go for advice?

    It is always best to discuss the problem with the faculty member/teaching assistant first. If that does not work or is not possible, please visit the head of the department where the course is delivered. If that does not work or is not possible, please contact the Dean’s office.

  • When will I be able to make a dorm reservation? I already paid my deposit.

    The information about dormitory applications for incoming students is emailed to all newly accepted students (that is students who were sent official acceptance letters). You will receive an email requesting to log into your personal profile at AMA-ZSMU medical campus applicant system and indicate your preferred dormitory facility and room type.
    More details of dormitory accommodation for incoming students are available through the academic office.

    Note: Please note that due to a limited number of spots, we may not be able to offer single rooms for all incoming students.


  • I wanted to know if it was possible to request a single room because I have a lot of allergies, severe to pets and some to food as well. If you could please direct me as to how I should proceed to go about contacting the dorms or someone else that could help me that would be great.

    Please note that due to a limited number of spots, we can only offer double rooms for most of the incoming students. There are many students requesting single room accommodation due to their health condition and the AMA-ZSMU medical campus may not have as many rooms available to accommodate for all such requests.

  • My student ID card is damaged. What should I do?

    If your student ID card no longer works or has been damaged beyond reasonable use, or if you have changed your personal details (in terms of the information displayed on the card), you should report it to the Dean’s Office and request in writing for a duplicate of the ID card. Fee for the new ID card is US$7. The fee should be paid into your individual sub account number and you are required to deliver receipt of payment to the Dean’s Office. Please make sure to bring your existing card with you.

  • My student ID card has been stolen. What should I do?

    You should report it to the academic Office and request in writing for a new ID card. You have to pay a US$7 fee for a duplicate. The fee should be paid into your individual sub account number. Please bring receipt of payment to the Dean’s Office.

  • How can I make an appointment with the doctor?

    In order to make an appointment to the family doctor you should contact the academic  Office – 

    e-mail: -------------------
    More information is available on the following link:


  • How do I do the medical check-up and Salmonella/shigella check-up?

    AMA-ZSMU medical students are required to undergo a medical check-up in order to confirm that they are fit to study medicine. (First year medical students can bring a medical checkup certificate prior to arriving at the campus).

    Please do the following:

    A. Medical check-up
    1) pick up your check-up referral at the academic Office (or have a classmate or class representative do it for you – the document includes your name and Date of Birth).

    B. Salmonella/shigella check-up

    According to the Regulation of the Polish Minister of Health all students of medical universities are required to undergo an epidemiology screening and obtain a booklet with results of this examination. 

  • How can I make an appointment with the Associate Dean?

    The Associate Dean is available through the academic office and the students who need to see him/her must schedule an appointment by emailing to the appropriate dean’s office staff.

  • What is the process of reserving a dorm room for next school year?

    Students currently staying in dorms are required to let us know whether they wish to extend their dorm reservation for next year by May 15th of each year. We are notifying all students of the procedure to do so by mid-May of each year at the latest. The current residents are required to click on the link in their student email box to reserve a dorm for next year and also by contacting the academic office.

  • When do I get the diploma?

    The Dean’s Office has 20 working days to prepare the diploma after receiving all the required documents.

  • What degree will be on the diploma of MD Program graduates?

    LEKARZ (medical doctor)

  • Why the degree on the diploma is Lekarz?

    According to EU regulation the name on the diploma needs to be in the native language of the country where the studies were conducted.

  • How much does the diploma cost and where do I pay?

    The diploma fee amounts to US$75 and should be paid to your individual student subaccount. Please remember to include your name and fee description in the payment memo. Bring the proof of payment along when picking up your diploma.

  • What does the ECFMG verification process look like?

    After having your diploma legalized in Warsaw you need to send following documents:
    -2 photocopies of the diploma in Polish
    -2 photocopies of the diploma in English
    -1 form 344
    -2 forms 345
    -1 photograph
    Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG)
    Attn: Registration and Credentials Services
    3624 Market St., 4th floor
    Philadelphia, PA 19104-2685

    You need to include your full name and USMLE/ECFMG ID on the front of all credentials and the back of the photograph before sending to ECFMG.

    After ECFMG receives those documents, they put you in an online system (it usually takes up to 3 weeks for them to process online applications). After that is online verification – something your office administration does and it takes about 5 days. After that you should receive ECFMG verification needed to start your residency.

  • Can someone else pick up my transcript or diploma?

    Third party recipients must have documentation (i.e. a notarized letter, release of information, power of attorney) from the person whose diploma they are picking up, stating that they are authorized to obtain the diploma/transcript. They must have a current picture ID when they come to get the diploma/transcript.

  • How long is the graduation ceremony?

    Ceremony lasts for approximately two hours.

  • Is it necessary to go personally to Warsaw to legalize diplomas?

    No, you can write an authorization for somebody who takes your diploma on your behalf and attach a copy of your passport.

  • Can I bring children or other members of my family to the Graduation Ceremony?

    Yes. However, please be aware that this is a formal occasion, and children could easily become anxious. The Assembly Hall capacity is limited and we cannot ensure a place for members of your family.

  • Is it possible to receive extra copies of the diploma?

    It is not possible to get any extra copies. Graduates receive 1x original diploma in polish, 2x copies in Polish, 1xcopy in English.

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